Vendor Membership $40.00 per member (non-transferable)


Vendor Membership $40.00 per member (non-transferable)


Vendor Membership

A principal or agent of a fee-for-service agency or company that has a product or service of value to students with disabilities or to staff of colleges or universities that serve students with disabilities may join ORAHEAD as a vendor member.

Vendors may:

  • Attend the Fall/Spring conference at the member rate

  • Have sponsorship opportunities at ORAHEAD Conferences

  • Advertise on the ORAHEAD listserv once every three months (to be coordinated through the Communications Officer)

Vendors may not:

  • Hold office on the ORAHEAD Board

  • Vote on motions set forth by the ORAHEAD board to the membership

  • Subscribe to the ORAHEAD listserv

In addition, if any members are eligible for membership as a vendor and under another category, they will be expected to use their professional judgment in cases in which their participation in ORAHEAD may be a conflict of interest with their vendor business. It is the recommendation of the ORAHEAD Board that such members use discretion and recuse themselves from any action that might be perceived as a conflict of interest, including but not limited to voting, participation in listserv discussions, and participation on committees. The board will communicate any concerns about possible conflicts of interest by vendors who also are eligible for membership under another category, and may take corrective action if the member does not self-monitor.

Annual Dues for Vendor members: $40.00

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